“What’s the Point of Modern Adaptation?” by violethuntress

She makes very good points in my opinion, definitely worth sharing.

The Fan Meta Reader

After seeing far too many reactionary posts, mostly about Sherlock or Elementary, though recently too about Sleepy Hollow, saying “it’s this way [white, straight, etc] in the book so get over it,” I decided it was time to write a quick post with my opinion on the point of modern adaptations of older works. This is a subject that’s close to my heart; I’m actually a little bit obsessed with the process of adaptation. But just to reiterate: this is my (very strongly held) opinion, YMMV.

When deciding to adapt an older work and set it in the modern era, it has to be about more than just seeing beloved historical-fictional characters use cell phones and wear jeans. Setting a work from another historical era in our time means the whole work—the characters, the plot, the relationships—have to undergo a process of translation, not just transportation…

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