Short Stories 366:78 — “The Half-Life of Marie Curie,” by Lauren Gunderson

'Nathan Burgoine

coverSometimes I think Max (and myself) owe a lot to Audible for our continued health, as listening to audiobooks is one of the ways I make it through winters with a husky, and he often ends up getting longer walks thanks to captivating stories if I check and see I’ve got, say, ten minutes left to go in a performance. I’ll just keep walking and listening, and he’s always down for more walking. Such was the case with The Half-Life of Marie Curie.

Marie Curie is someone I knew a moderate amount about, as I did a few projects on her when I was a geeky science kid in middle grades, but this two woman play takes a slice of her life I hadn’t delved too deeply into, and tells a story of the scandal of her life: her affair with Paul Langevin. It nearly ruined her, despite her…

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